Whoever made this.. bless you.

You say you miss me, and I say I miss you so much

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'The Moment I Knew'

Friday 25 July was my Taylor Swift ‘The Moment I Knew’ experience.

I was so embarrassed last night. It was a smack in the face kinda night. Firstly, the night started out amazing: trying to open bottles, drinking, taking Polaroids; all the fun stuff. Followed by our taxi trip into the city and our neon lit night at a darling harbour bar. The man I have been seeing on/off for the past few months asked to meet me there after cancelling day plans, for sure I said yes and he asks for the details about the club, I send them and he revives them and replies! For the next five hours I do not hear from him until just before lock out applies. He says he’s coming and I tell my friends who were excited to meet him. Then lock out commenced… and I still constantly looked at the door to see him walk through, but nothing. No text, no call, nothing. So a while later we decided to leave the club. I left with the baggage of embarrassment that he placed on me because he was the one who said he’d be there, I never invited him to come out he was the who invited himself and then he just simply changed his mind, leaving a terrible impression for my friends.

It’s almost been 24 hours and I still haven’t heard back. This is the moment I knew.