Sydney 10/16/14

Why do people come to me to discuss their relationship and get advice??

My ex-partner moved to Melbourne without saying anything to me for a month… I don’t think I’m in the right lane to help anyone out with romantic advice!!


I long for those days where privacy meant something. Those days where a text or a phone call was returned. Those days where you could feel on top of the world without stepping outside but having the convince of a bright future.
A time comes where we all most grow and change and realise that things don’t always work out how we want them even though how much we try to plead or fight for it. Some cases are harder than others but for some of us letting go is not simple. We can be treated like shit and just sit there and take it, brush it under the rug. This can taint our memories, we see things how we wanted them to be and not in reality. Personally this is something I do everyday I don’t live in reality, I never have and a fear that has been clouding over me lately is that I may forever be stuck in this world.
I’m at a stage in my life where everything is at a stand still, nothing is going on, just relaxation. It’s funny how when we are given the free time we no longer need it. I would have loved to have this freedom months and months ago but now I have it at a time that I don’t want it. Did I ever want it. I miss it.